What Innovation Means To Us

We are honored to be named the number one most innovative healthcare company of 2016 by Fast Company. We want to share some reflections on what innovation means to us.

Innovation is about using technology to restore humanity to healthcare.  At Augmedix,we focus relentlessly on improving the interaction between the healthcare provider and their patient. Since our founding, we have worked with our partner healthcare systems, hospitals and private clinics to service over 200,000 patient visits at a 98% patient satisfaction rate.

Augmedix is a HIPAA-compliant documentation technology that works within any EHR to alleviate workflows for doctors and nurses. By freeing doctors and nurses from administrative burden, we permit them to be more deeply present with patients.

Our providers are falling back in love with what brought them to healthcare in the first place: helping people. Our clients focus on the patient, and leave the note-taking to us.

Every time a client shares how much time we’ve saved them, how much we’ve improved the quality of their care, or how we’ve made them feel more secure about patient data, we’re reminded why we’ve all worked so hard, and continue to do so.

Thank you to all the healthcare systems, doctors, nurses, and patients who are partnering with us as we continue to reinvigorate quality medical care. It is a privilege to work to transform the trajectory of healthcare, and we are eager to continue providing human-centric solutions to the industry’s biggest challenges. Thank you again to the Fast Company team for your recognition.

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