NPs, PAs & Augmedix

As more individuals gain access to reasonable health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, there has been a strain on health care provider resources nationwide, as people look for primary care providers (PCPs) and specialists to receive the care they have been waiting for.

Enter growth of the mid-level provider field: PAs and NPs. Physician’s Assistants (PAs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are a fast growing workforce in today’s complicated healthcare system. The U.S. Department of health and human services predicts the need for 20,400 primary care physicians by the year 2020. Integrating NPs and PAs into the workforce helps alleviate this projected shortage.

Similarly to the way that mid-level providers can impact the productivity and ROI in medical practices, so too can the addition of a scribe. Scribes are one type of assistant to a healthcare provider.

There are a variety of scribing options available, and depending on the set up and natural workflow of a given office space, one might consider either an in-person or remote scribe.

Augmedix offers a remote scribing option, where through the use of Google Glass, the patient encounter is streamed to a remote scribe in real-time. The scribe documents  the information from the EHR as well as the details of the visit, and composes a billable, well formulated progress note.

According to one Augmedix user, Dottie Steinhoff, PA,  “ I really enjoy my Augmedix for multiple reasons. First, it is really nice to have my family life back. I was a firm believer in not looking at and typing on the computer during visits. As a result I would see patients and have 2+ hours of charting to be done every night. It took so long because I also wanted my charts to be good and precise. I would get my kids to bed and then work until midnight. With Augmedix, I have 15 -20 minutes of proofreading and that is all. I can now relax with my small children at night and not spend hours charting. The notes are exactly as they would be if I wrote them. My scribe helps me make sure all boxes are checked that should be and everything is in good order. She is fast, accurate, and a true asset to my practice.  My patients enjoy the extra time and increase in access to me that this affords them.”

Augmedix makes all the difference in the life of a health care provider. Physicians, NPs, and PAs are posed to benefit from the innovative and transformative advantage having a scribe affords their health care delivery teams.