Life as a scribe

The daily life of a scribe is never dull. Each day you will experience something new and exciting. Every patient visit will be different, and you will learn to work in a fast-paced and challenging environment. Scribes are continually exposed to new diseases, people, and procedures every single day.

“I learn something new every day”

“It’s just me and the doctor all day. He  depends on me”

“I’m an important part of the patient’s care team.” 

Engaging and rewarding work

Scribing is engaging, demanding, and highly rewarding. Scribes use their medical knowledge, listening comprehension, quick typing speed and creative writing with each patient encounter. A scribe has to stay alert and often multitasks while working with physicians. 


A medical scribe can expect to contribute on the frontline of US medicine and be exposed to an array of specialities including internal medicine, cardiology, orthopedics, oncology, emergency medicine, and others. Over time and through experience, scribes often become experts in a particular medical speciality, learning from their partnerships with physicians. 

MedSource Service Awards (153)
MedSource Service Awards (78)
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Working with US hospitals and doctors

A medical scribe is a personal assistant to their physician who performs a variety of tasks to ensure that the best possible patient care is delivered. Scribes are able to communicate with their physicians through Google Glass in order to complete their work. Such exposure promises a unique learning experience that you cannot find anywhere else.

Benefits of being a scribe

The benefits of being a medical scribe are numerous. Since the scribes work on the doctors schedule, you work a fixed 5-day work week and never take work home. Safe transport is provided to and from work and a fixed and competetive salary is promised. You will have the unique opportunity to work alongside an American physician every day. As this industry and process grows, the opportunity for career growth also increases.

Work with an

American doctor

Bright future

Transport and safety

Fast growing industry

Work in real-time

Fixed 5-day workweek

Don’t take any work home

Competetive salary

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