Medical scribing industry

Scribing is an established and growing industry

The medical scribing industry is an established and well respected part of the American healthcare system. Medical scribes are personal assistants to physicians and help them to deliver high quality patient care. This industry has grown rapidly over the past few years and is projected to continue to do so moving forward. 


With Augmedix, new technology allows the process of scribing to happen anywhere in the world. Here are some unique elements of this new process.

Google glass

Doctors wear Google Glass all day long and capture video and audio for their
patients visits.

Real Time

Scribes work with the doctors in real-time. They are the doctor's partner throughout the day.

Electronic health record

The doctor and scribe collaborate to build an electronic record of the patient visit.

The evolution of medical transcription

Medical transcription grew rapidly in the 1990s but has matured as an industry. Machines running natural language processing have dramatically changed the role of the transcriptionist. 


As more and more doctors are required to maintain high quality notes in an electronic health record, the demand for medical scribes will continue to increase, quickly replacing medical transcription as the standard documentation solution. A scribe thinks and writes like a doctor, and in this way scribing goes beyond transcription. Scribes partner with doctors in real-time communication and are inherently creative, using audio as well as video inputs to produce full medical documents. All of this is enabled by Augmedix and the Google
Glass platform. 

Growth of Augmedix

Augmedix was founded in 2012 and has been accelerating ever since. We continue to grow our teams and build new service offerings and the technology that facilitates them. To date, we have raised over 40 million dollars to realize this vision. We have been named the #1 most innovative company in healthcare by FastCompany and are poised to grow even more in the coming years. 

Ever since our first doctor went live in 2014, we have been steadily growing our service to doctors. To date, we have been doubling the number of doctors we serve every year and plan on continuing and accelerating that trend over the coming years. Get in early and grow with us!

Health system partnerships

Augmedix has strategically partnered with several of the largest and most successful healthcare systems in the United States. More and more physicians around America continue to sign up for our service and the potential for Augmedix's growth is very high. Some of our health system partners also directly funded us through venture investments.

Investor health systems
Partner health systems

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