Training and career growth

Benefits of learning to be a scribe

We provide a rigorous training process and an environment where scribes can learn something new every day by working with a doctor. Our scribes develop skills that they will have with them for the lifetime.

Increased medical knowldege

Understanding of American culture

Improved English proficiency

Typing and computer skills

Self-confidence and teamwork

What it takes to be a scribe

We’ve trained hundreds of scribes in the past few years. All of our scribes today started off with a few fundamental skills and a lot of motivation and dedication. We’ve found a few key ingredients for success. 

Medical Interest

Scribes are not medical transcriptionists and do not simply record information verbatim. They are expected to be able to think critically and understand medical reasoning. Scribes must have a strong medical knowledge background in order to understand the medical terminology used in patient visits. 

English proficiency

Scribes are required to have a good understanding of the English language and the ability to write well. This is important because you will be expected to understand conversations between physicians and patients in the United States and construct an accurate narrative of a patient visit. 


Doctors expect a high level of quality from their scribes and Augmedix is committed to providing the best training and evaluation for this process. We expect scribe candidates to build off of their existing skills and push themselves to constantly learn and grow in areas like medical reasoning, proficiency with the EHR, and typing speed.

Starting from medical transcription or healthcare

Successful scribes can come from a variety of different backgrounds. Here are two profiles which have demonstrated success in the past.

Experienced Medical Transcriptionist

Strong candidates that come from the medical transcription field start with medical knowledge and fast typing speeds and learn new skills for this process. Transcriptionists that make the transition learn more about medical reasoning and how to work one on one in real-time with a doctor. 

Many of our former transcriptionists appreciate the move from a mature industry to a new and fast growing one. Transcriptionists have commented positively on the fixed schedule and fixed compensation. They never take any work home. 

Recent graduates from medical or paramedical fields

We’ve found great success with recent graduates with dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and paramedical training. These candidates have a natural interest in healthcare and already understand fundamentals for caring for a patient and building a narrative of patient treatment.

Recent graduates have an insatiable desire to learn which pairs well with our environment. Our scribes work as part of a team, hand in hand with American doctors and  learn something new about healthcare every day. 

Training to be a scribe

We’ve built a training program that moves scribe candidates through various stages of growth and accomplishment. These stages focus on the various aspects of developing the skills necessary to work as a scribe at the quality levels that our doctors expect. 

Basic training

Level up on any fundamental skills. English proficiency, medical reasoning, and typing speed.

Scribe training

Learn the basic process of scribing. Start practicing with the technology tools and shadow other active scribes. 

On the job training

Start working with the EHR and continue improving your skills and accuracy. 


Learn how to work with an individual doctor to understand their preferences and expectations. 

Steady state

You are now part of the doctor's care team. Help your doctor care for patients everyday.

Career growth

As Augmedix and the industry grows, we’ll need more scribes and more people to grow into leadership positions. There is great opportunity for growth for those who are prove to be highly capable and dedicated. Scribes are often promoted to senior scribes, trainers, quality specialists, and even managers!

Team lead

Lead a team of scribes for a health system


Learn the skills of scribing.


Gain approval to work with one doctor.

Senior scribe

Approved for multiple doctors. Mentor other scribes.


Take over training and coaching of new scribes


Take on leadership roles within the partner organization

Quality team

Ensure the quality of the Augmedix service

Learn more

Learn about how this new industry differs from previous processes and the growth opportunity with Augmedix.

Learn about the daily life of a scribe, how you work with doctors and the benefits offered.